LANDESK Patch News Bulletin: HP Softpaq Update is Available for 24 March 2015

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    • (March 23, 2015) HP updates their softpaq catalogs about every two weeks. LANDESK monitors these updates and will generate new content based on these updates. With the updated catalogs new definitions can be created, existing definitions can be updated or removed. For more information see the following sites:




    V_INTL_sp60885.xml V_INTL_sp52253.xml
    V_INTL_sp66402.xml V_INTL_sp54681.xml
    V_INTL_sp66889.xml V_INTL_sp58322.xml
    V_INTL_sp69230.xml V_INTL_sp59020.xml
    V_INTL_sp70055.xml V_INTL_sp62239.xml
    V_INTL_sp70208.xml V_INTL_sp63026.xml
    V_INTL_sp70262.xml V_INTL_sp65032.xml
    V_INTL_sp70282.xml V_INTL_sp65238.xml
    V_INTL_sp70448.xml V_INTL_sp65786.xml
    V_INTL_sp70588.xml V_INTL_sp66123.xml
    V_INTL_sp70597.xml V_INTL_sp66125.xml
    V_INTL_sp70608.xml V_INTL_sp66201.xml
    V_INTL_sp70616.xml V_INTL_sp68977.xml
    V_INTL_sp70617.xml V_INTL_sp69024.xml
    V_INTL_sp70673.xml V_INTL_sp69562.xml
    V_INTL_sp70697.xml V_INTL_sp69896.xml
    V_INTL_sp70700.xml V_INTL_sp69961.xml
    V_INTL_sp70702.xml V_INTL_sp69962.xml
    V_INTL_sp70748.xml V_INTL_sp69975.xml
    V_INTL_sp70758.xml V_INTL_sp69976.xml
    V_INTL_sp70759.xml V_INTL_sp69999.xml



    Note: The vulnerability definitions provided by LANDESK are based on the latest content catalog provided by HP. LANDESK definitions will reflect the content of the HP catalog, so that new softpaq definitions that are added by HP will be included in the LANDESK download. Similarly, softpaq definitions that are removed from the catalog will also be removed from the LANDESK And any updates to previously release softpaqs will also be reflected in the LANDESK vulnerability definitions.


    New Patch Downloads

    • Multiple executables have been added.


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