The Management Gateway Password on the core is lost or the certificate won't stay posted to the Gateway when the Configure - Management Gateway Window is closed.

Version 4

    In order for the Management Gateway to properly function the core and client certificates need to be aligned and configured properly. Please ensure the following:

    1- Verify that the certificate posted to the Default Website is correct and complete.
           a. Right-click on the Default Website in IIS and choose properties.
           b. Click on Directory Security and choose View Certificate.
           c. Ensure that the certificate has a private key. This will display as a note on the main page.
           d. Write down the name of the certificate under "Issued to: ".

    2- Open the C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\Keys folder.
         a. Open the .key file that corresponds to the certificate that's posted to the Default Website. Write down the hash entry in the file.
           b. Open the Protect.ini file and ensure that this file points to the hash.
         c. Open the C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\LDLogon folder and make sure that the hash.0 that was written down previously is the first on the list. If others are listed move them to a temporary folder.

    3- Ensure that this same hash.0 file is also located on the client.

    This will ensure that the Core and the clients can both establish an SSL connection to the Management Gateway and communicate properly.



    Note: Certain escape characters or other symbols may stop the brokerservice from processing if they are used for the service password. If the password fails to record then test with a generic password that meets the minimum specifications.


    Update: LANDesk 9.0 has an issue that will show the certificate as "not posted" when in fact it really is. To test this issue close the 32-bit console and restart it. The certificate should now show as posted. This bug is in development and should be fixed in an upcoming service pack. The issue appears to be cosmetic.