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    LANDesk® Power Management - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is there be separate licensing for LANDesk® Power Manager?

    LANDesk® Power Manager will be included as a new feature for our customers that have a Maintenance Agreement or Software Upgrade Protection for the full LANDesk®  Management Suite.


    See link for further information on how to purchase a Maintenance Agreement or Software Upgrade protection.

    What does the LANDesk® Power Management module do?

    It allows an administrator to easily create, financially evaluate, and deploy power management policies.


    How does it work?

    After creating a power management policy, the administrator can assess the specific financial impact of the policy on all or any subset of systems in their environment. A power savings report can be printed out and given to management to document cost-savings from power-saving policies.

    More information can be found here:


    Help Locations: LDMS 9.5 ; LDMS 9.6 ; LDMS 2016

    About Ivanti Power Management


    Is there a demo I can watch?

    E-Learning - Agent Power Management


    How is power savings calculated?

    We match actual inventory information with OEM-provided wattage consumption rates* and customizable usage patterns to estimate available power-savings.


    *Dell and Lenovo initially, others will follow. Otherwise please read the documentation provided with your hardware as this inform you of the power consumption that device has. This can then be entered into the power management component as it accepts custom values.


    Why does power consumption/savings vary over time in the reporting section?

    The default usage pattern assumptions are mapped onto actual calendar data to produce realistic results. As consumption during the workweek is assumed to be greater than consumption on weekends, and some months have greater or lesser proportions of weekdays or weekends that others, natural variation in consumption will occur, all else being equal.

    How can I estimate the potential power savings I will see from implementing LANDesk® Power Manager?

    Will power policies be applied at the user level or the machine level?

    Power policies are applied at the machine level.


    Can I export reports from the Power Management module?

    Yes, there is an export option in the reporting part of the component.


    What platforms does LANDesk® Power Management support?

    At this time only Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms are supported.

    Please see the compatibility matrix matrix for specific concerning LDMS versions:

    Supported Platforms and Compatibility Matrix for LANDESK Management Suite