Becoming a LANDESK Power Management Expert

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    The purpose of this article and this little learning program is to take you through all aspects of LANDESK Power Management for LANDESK Management Suite.


    We will cover what Power management is, how to use it and utilize it for your company, then how to troubleshoot it if some issue should arise.


    Here is the list of articles in order of to finishing what its is, to using it and then troubleshooting it. By the end you will be a proficient user of the Power Management component in the LDMS suite and should be able to handle any situation that arise from it.

    ====Start Here==========

    1. Start by watching the video included in this article to give you a brief overview of the component and how to use it:

    E-Learning - Agent Power Management


    2. Once complete read the following article to get a more detailed overview of the entire product and how it works on the client:

    About Ivanti Power Management


    3. Further FAQ's can be found on this page here:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding LANDesk Power Management


    4. Once you have watched and read the above documentation go through this training scenario to give you an overview of the product in action and how to deploy it in a test environment:

    Training Scenario for Power Management - Power policy configuration and deployment


    5. Once you have been successful with the scenario and are satisfied with how it power management can be used and deployed we will now move onto the more advanced documentation of how LANDESK power management works so if any issues arise you can troubleshoot them quickly and resolve them as soon as possible:

    How to remove a LANDesk Power Management Scheme

    How does the Power Management "Turn On" task work?

    How does the LANDesk Management Suite Power Management Saving report work to generate the savings numbers

    Windows Power Schemes and CPU throttling

    Where is the LANDesk Power Policy information stored in Inventory?


    6. If issues do arise and the above cannot help you then the support team and myself have collated and created some articles that will help you with the most common issues that our found within Power Management:

    Troubleshooting Power Management - Begin Here

    Is the 30 second countdown timer for the Power Management "Hard" Turn Off configurable?

    Power Management Reports showing inaccurate data

    Power Management policy turns ON computers then turns them OFF because "Wake Up Devices" box is automatically checked in the Scheduled task properties

    Implications of Setting your Power management policy set to None



    You now know all there is to know about LANDESK Power Management and how to use and deploy it.


    If you wish you can test yourself here to see if you understood everything correctly and if you need to go over anything again.

    =====TEST yourself here=======