Ava 6.1: scheduled tasks are Pending and can't delete the scheduled task when using non-default port or instance name

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0


    • Avalanche 6.0 or 6.1 On-Premise
    • SQL Express or SQL Server



    • All scheduled tasks are still pending in "Tools -> Scheduled tasks" and I'm not able to schedule them successfully and also deleting the tasks is not possible.
    • In my AvalancheServer.log I see a FATAL error followed by a line describing TCP Port 1433 can't be reached.


    • We have a bug which this does not get populated when you change the port from the default or use an instance name. For the port you can just change this easily, if you have an instance name you will need to review the dao file for the correct URL that should be in the dao file.


    To change the port number:

    • Stop the Wavelink Tomcat Server service and then stop the Wavelink Enterprise Server service
    • Navigate to the Wavelink\Avalanche\conf\main directory
    • Open the quartz.avaserver.properties file in notepad
    • Change the port number from 1433 to the port that you are using
    • Save the changes
    • Start the Wavelink Enterprise Server Service and then start the Wavelink Tomcat Server Service