Naurtech 5.7 User Manual

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Naurtech 5.7 Information:


    What's New in Version 5.7


    Version 5.7 contains many enhancements to the CETerm Scripting objects that provide a rich extension and customization environment.  We implement most new features via scripting to provide the greatest flexibility.  Here are some highlights of the new features and enhancements:


    • Signature Capture Object.  CETerm now contains a signature capture object that can create images of signatures or an array of coordinates for a compact representation.  The Signature Capture object is accessible via scripting and can be used by both web and terminal emulation sessions. See the CETerm Scripting Manual for complete details.
    • Digital Clock Display.
    • Extensive Additions to CETerm Scripting.
    • New Scripting Automation Objects.  Here is a list of the new automation objects in CETerm scripting:
    1. Device.SignatureCapture – Signature Capture control.
    2. Device.SmartCard – Contactless SmartCard (CASIO)
    3. Device.GPS – Access and control GPS device.
    4. OS.SIP – Soft Input Panel control.
    5. OS.Network.ConnectionManager – Network connection control.
    6. CETerm.Session(i).Screen – New scrolling controls added.
    • Additional Web Browser Extensions.  Our Industrial Web Browser has been fully featured for years.  Recent enhancements are mostly found through CETerm Scripting, but we have added a page progress indicator (Windows CE only) and improved the browser loading indicator.  We have added the ability to clear cache elements and save the source (Windows CE only).  META key actions can now be accessed and changed from scripting.  As expected, you can access all CETerm Scripting objects directly from HTML pages to control the device, peripherals, and application behavior.  It is truly the most robust platform to build web based Data Collection applications.  We continue to support legacy Symbol Pocket Browser and Intermec IBrowse Meta tags as well. The Web Browser is available for all Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices.
    • Installable Codepages for VT220.  CETerm now supports the installation of single-byte and double-byte code pages for VT220 that are not available from the native Windows “National Language Support” (NLS) on the device.  These code pages can also be customized for special applications.
    • IBM Emulation Enhancements.
    • More Network Awareness Features.
    • Barcode Scanner Control Improvements.
    • Additional Updates. In addition to dozens of other enhancements, we added support for new device platforms and current Windows CE versions from all major hardware vendors.


    Please refer to the product manuals for details. You can also review the tips in ourSupport Wiki.


    Please review any device specific readme files for additional information.




    Upgrading to Version 5.7


    Please note that Version 5.7 will require the purchase of a license upgrade for customers using versions prior to 5.5.


    Download Version 5.7 and install over your existing version. All existing configuration settings will be compatible with the new version.   Newly added features will assume the default settings.  Some Windows Mobile platforms will force a removal of the previous CETerm version and you will lose all existing configuration settings.


    Please note that license keys for versions earlier than 5.5 will not work with Version 5.7.

    Fixed Issues


    • Fixed Next KeyBar error for empty keybar cycle.
    • Fixed SSH TTY mode parsing of invalid options.
    • Fixed User Text use in a context menu.
    • Allow full 1-65535 range for telnet port.
    • Added support for combining diacriticals in double-byte VT.
    • Added interlock to prevent starting multiple copies of CETerm.
    • Fixed key input for bad focus in PIE.



    Known Issues


    • There are no known outstanding issues




    System Requirements


    • Any Windows CE 5.0 or later, Windows Mobile 5.0 or later, or Windows Embedded device.
    • Ethernet, Wireless LAN, or WWAN card




    Installation Instructions


    After downloading and extracting the ZIP archive, you should have the following files in your local directory




                    device_readme.txt  (optional)

                    ReleaseNotes.htm (this document)



    where xxx is the Windows CE platform type and yyy is the processor type.

    The "CETerm" product name in the packaged files may be different for single emulation products. For clarity, we will just use "CETerm".


    1. Make sure you have ActiveSync installed. ActiveSync 4.5 or greater is recommended. You can download a free copy from Microsoft.  Just go to this link and type “ActiveSync” into the search box: (
    2. Make sure your handheld device is connected to ActiveSync.
    3. Run Setup.exe
    4. This will launch the application manager to install CETerm on your device.
    5. If you have not installed CETerm before, the application manager will prompt you to install in the default directory. Select Yes.
    6. If you have installed CETerm previously, you can install over your existing installation.  Note that some Windows Mobile devices force the removal of the previous CETerm version and all previous settings will be lost.
    7. Once installed, you will see "Naurtech CETerm" in your <Start><Programs> menu. For Windows CE CE 5.0, and CE 6.0 devices, you will also see a shortcut on the desktop.