An Introduction to Apple Mac Power Managment

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    The purpose of this article is to introduce to the LANDESK Power Management for Apple Mac machines in your environment and the different parts of the power policy for this platform.



    Starting with the release of version LDMS 9.6 you are now able to manage and report on the power management for all the Apple mac machines in your environment. With this addition to the LDMS suite you now have the ability to control the power polices on these client machines and make power savings where possible.


    As with the deployment of power polices with windows machines Apple mac is the same. Please read from the LDMS help pages here to get an overview of the windows deployment procedure.


    The only difference between the two platforms is the settings available to them. This is done to the difference in how power is manage in each Operating system.


    Power policy creation for Apple Mac machines:

    Mac power polciy diagram-1.pngMac power polciy diagram-2.png

    Mac power polciy diagram-3.png



    If you want to find pout more about the sleep functionlity and power saveing features for Apple Mac look here:

    OS X: Saving energy with Sleep - Apple Support


    More about Power Nap can be found here:

    How Power Nap works on your Mac - Apple Support


    Start up automatically after a power failure

    On Mac desktop computers, you can set OS X to automatically restart if its AC power connection becomes unavailable. For example, if there is a power outage, or someone inadvertently disconnects the AC power cord, your computer starts up again on its own once power is reconnected. This is useful if you normally have your computer set to perform tasks when its left unattended. In OS X Lion and later, you can also set OS X to automatically re-open documents you were working on when you log in.

    Note: This setting is not available on Mac notebook computers because notebooks include a built-in battery that keeps the computer powered when you disconnect AC power.