How to create a report that shows device Manufacturer and Model information

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    This article shows you how to create a query that shows device manufacturer information, this can be useful for hardware auditing or finding out what hardware you have in your environment.

    This query can then be used to create a report of this information.


    Step to report:




    1) Open the LANDesk Management Suite console

    2) In the Network View, right-click on 'Queries' and select 'New Query'

    3) In the new query window, create the following query:

    "Computer"."Device Name" EXISTS

    4) In the column selection select to show the following :

    "Computer"."System"."Manufacturer" and "Computer"."System"."Manufacture"."Model

    4) Save the changes.


    Device Manufacturer and model.png



    Once you have successfully created this query you can use this in a report as detailed in this article:

    How to create a custom report or a report based on an existing query