LANDESK Patch News Bulletin: Microsoft has Released KB2965275 Which is an Update for Excel 2013 17-APR-2015

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    ·      (April 17, 2015) Microsoft has released KB2965275 which is an update for Excel 2013. This update provides the following improvements and fixes

    •Improves some user interface elements translations for Skype for Business in multiple languages to make sure that the meaning is accurate.

    •Improves dialog layout and translates some terms to Germany in OneDrive for Business to make sure that the meaning is accurate.

    •Fixes the following issues:•When you change items in a form control on an Excel 2013 worksheet, Excel may crash. This issue occurs if the data source of the form control is located on a different worksheet and the zoom level of the two worksheets are set differently, both are not 100%.

    •When you open an Information Rights Management (IRM) protected workbook that contains a chart in Excel 2013, chart text referencing cells in the same workbook may not be displayed correctly.

    •When you edit a signed workbook that has a signature line in Excel 2013, you cannot sign the workbook again and the old signature is still displayed.

    •When you select more than one item in a filter for a PivotTable that has the Include filtered items in totals option enabled in Excel 2013, the grand total does not include the filtered items.

    •Excel 2013 may crash when you perform the following operations:•Apply a filter to a list.
    •Load files that are generated by a third-party tool.
    •Delete an external link that is embedded in a worksheet.
    •Access the general options in the Save As dialog box.
    •Resize Excel 2013 window for on-screen keyboard operations.
    •Receive a windows activate message when you exit Excel 2013.
    •Print preview a worksheet that has the Data Bars, Color Scales, or Icon Sets format set.

    •When you copy and paste some worksheet cells that have some fill effect settings from an Excel 2013 workbook to a word document, conditional formatting is missing for some cells if all pasted cells are linked to the original worksheet.

    •Assume that you have a workbook that contains a 3D-Surface chart in the .xls format in Excel 2003. You hide the chart and the data of the chart, and then save the workbook. When you open the workbook in Excel 2013, Excel 2013 may crash.

    •When you use the scrolling wheel to scroll content in a worksheet that contains a PivotTable in Excel 2013, Excel 2013 may freeze. This issue occurs after you print preview the worksheet.

    •When you copy and paste all cells from a worksheet to another worksheet in Excel 2013, Excel 2013 may crash.

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    New Vulnerabilities     

      ·        Vulnerability ID – 2965275_INTL  


    Changed Vulnerabilities     

    ·        Vulnerability ID – N/A    


    New Patch Downloads     

    ·         excel2013-kb2965275-fullfile-x86-glb.exe  

    ·         excel2013-kb2965275-fullfile-x64-glb.exe  


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