Uninstalling and Upgrading Agents for an In Place Upgrade

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    The following document will explain how to first uninstall and then re-install an agent for an in place upgrade.  You should use this method if you are experiencing issues upgrading your agents from 9.5 to 9.6.  Uninstalling the agent completely and then installing the new version can sometimes fix these issues.


    Note:  The inventory for your devices must be up to date, especially the IP and hostname.

    Uninstalling the Old Agent


    With an in place upgrade, you will typically have older agents reporting to a newer version core.  With this setup, there can be a degradation of functionality.  You will always want your agents version to match your core.  The first thing we need to do is uninstall the old agent.


    • Navigate to the following network location: \\core\ldmain\.  Copy the uninstallwinclient.exe to your typical software distribution location.  I use \\core\ldlogon\packages.


    • Create a new executable package.  I called mine "Uninstall Agent".
    • Specify the location of the uninstallwinclient.exe we copied above.


    • In the install/uninstall options section, add /forceclean to the command line.


    • Save the package and schedule it.
    • Assign the device(s) you want to upgrade and start the task.
    • The task will hang on "Installing Package".  This will not update since we are uninstalling the agent.  Give it a good 30 minutes for a group of devices and then cancel the task.  You should find the devices have been restarted from running the uninstaller.


    Installing the New Agent


    The next steps are simply installing the new agent by scheduling an agent deployment.  We are going to use the existing inventory records to deploy the agent.  You can typically just copy the devices from the previous uninstall task over.


    • Right click the agent you want to deploy and select "Schedule agent deployment".
    • Drag the devices from the uninstall agent task into this task and start it.