How to use a Core server DNS alias with the Cloud Service Appliance

Version 9

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    It may be desirable to configure your agents using a DNS alias for the core name instead of the actual core host name. In these scenarios it can prevent normal communication via the CSA, as the CSA is unaware of the DNS alias.




    This document shows how to enable the CSA to work with a Core server DNS alias instead of the actual core host name. This setting is not currently migrated or upgraded, this needs to be done manually


    Note: If adding this to your core, you will need to update all clients connectivity settings for core address to reflect the core alias instead of the actual core hostname.


    1. 1. On the core add a string value named 'CoreServerAlias' to:
      1. For 9.5 HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\LANDesk\ManagementSuite
      2. For 9.6 HKLM\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\ManagementSuite
    2. Set the value to the server alias
    3. Login to the CSA web console and select Manage core certificate then remove any current posted certs for the core
    4. From the LDMS console launch configure>Manage Cloud Server Appliances.., from the CSA tab select edit on your current CSA, then select apply.  This will re-post the core certificate to the CSA.





    IOS requires a modification to the MDM site in order to have enrollment work properly. An application setting needs to be added with the name as "landesk.ioscheckin.webapp.prefix" and the value of

    "rtc/"Alias"/MDM", replace Alias with the core alias you are using. Also update your DNS text entries with the new name- How to setup DNS for LDMS 2016 Mobility.



    Same as above except you use the following

    • ""
    • "rtc/"Alias"/MDM"

    MDM DNS Alias.gif