[Bus. Sol.] Upgrading your Service Desk Environment

Version 38

    The following article is part of our Business Solutions series.  To view additional documents, go to the Momentum home page or access your Products Purchased through the LANDESK Support Portal.


    Why Upgrade


    Upgrading your LANDESK Service Desk solution enables you to have access to all of the latest features and enhancements so that you can achieve the maximum value from your continued investment in LANDESK. In addition, you can realize the following benefits:


    • Ensure you are on a LANDESK supported version of the product.
    • New features provide capabilities for productivity gains and improved user experiences.
    • Continued access to supplemental Content Packs available through the Support community.


    Furthermore, many of the enhancements issued in new releases are driven by customer requests so you are safe in the knowledge that these enhancements provide you with true value that customers actually need and want.  Click here to access the most recent product version, including release notes and supporting documentation.




    Architecture and Design Considerations


    The LANDESK consulting team provides installation and upgrade services to our customers.  As part of the engagement process, we provide the attached upgrade questionnaire to gather as much relevant information about the customer environment as possible.  This document is valuable for identifying and documenting your existing Service Desk environment along with any special configurations,integration, and team members involved in the upgrade process.





    The Upgrade Process


    The upgrade process varies slightly from version to version.  The following videos demonstrate how to upgrade your LANDESK Service Desk environment to version 7.8.


    Part 1 - Introduction and Overview
    Part 2 - Planning your Upgrade
    Part 3 - Preparing the Environment
    Part 4 - Performing the Upgrade




    Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting


    The following resources are available within the LANDESK Community.  For questions or to access the most recent information, please visit the direct links.


    How to Change the Database Location

    On occasion it might be necessary to change the location of the Service Desk database - this might be because the server name has changed or the database has been moved to a new instance.  The architecture of Service Desk is such that this alteration need only be configured in the tps.config files for all clients to be updated.  https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-19084



    Database migration to a new SQL Server (ServiceDesk)

    Migrating a database is a pretty straight forward process and is well documented on technet and other outlets. Here is a list of instructions you can use to migrate a SQL database from one server/host to another.  https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-31225



    After Upgrading from a pre 7.6 version, the database file has increased in size, why?

    Question:  I just upgraded my database to Service Desk 7.6 and it has now increased in size, why is this?


    Answer:  The reason why the database is increasing so much in size is because in 7.6 we are no longer supporting none unicode string attributes. This means that when you run the MDM to upgrade to 7.6 it's converting the none unicode string attribute to be unicode string attribute and these are bigger in size. This is how it should be and unfortunately not anything that can be changed.




    Upgrade error message when running MDM against the DB

    MDM fails with error: The database structures for '...' are incomplete.  Running the MDM fails against Oracle/SQL database with either of these messages:

    The database structures for 'EndUser' with primary key '70648c86-e58c-4693-8752-44876573418f' are incomplete.

    There is a missing record in the 'tps_end_user' table. Please restore a valid database backup.




    Considerations before upgrading a Service Desk database through version 7.6 or 7.6.1

    post 7.6 and 7.6.1 there are some major changes made to the database as it is upgraded.  Due to these changes some considerations need to be made before upgrading.  https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-28996