Scripting: Disconnect from host on Error

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    Users at times experience Error 404 or Error 500 and do not disconnect from the host in a graceful manor.



    Wavelink Terminal Emulation

    Web Emulation



    Aside from user training, you can force a disconnect upon receiving an error from the host. With in TE Scripting there is an option called Web_Search_Source. this feature will allow the script to search the page source for a particular word. Once this key word has been found we can apply an action to it, such a a message pop up or disconnect or a combination of both.


    ** Caution must be given when using this functionality as the key word with in the source can NOT be present on any other page(s) **


    below is a sample script that searches a pages source, looks for a key word, displays a warning type message and then disconnects from the host..


    Script( Search )

    Boolean( bSearch )

    Activate( Screen_Update )

        bSearch = Web_Search_Source( "KEYWORDINSOURCE", TRUE, TRUE )

        If( bSearch )

            Message( "Disconnecting in 5 seconds", 5 )

            Delay( 5000 )