How to run a Cloud Services Appliance Speedtest

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    The information in the document was taken from the following link Test internet speed from linux command line | - Linux Howto's Guide and is not supported or developed by LANDESK but can be used to test the internet connection speed from the linux command line using the servers.




    1. Open putty.exe and connect to your CSA with the admin user
    2. Type 'sudosu' to elevate the session permissions and enter the admin password again
    3. Type 'cd /tmp'
    4. Type 'wget --no-check-certificate

    ss (2015-05-13 at 01.09.51).png

       5.Type 'chmod +x'

       6. Type './ --share'




    The program will perform the speedtest and automatically generate a link to an image on the server that can be saved/shared.


    ss (2015-05-13 at 12.53.14).jpg

    There are other options you can run the utility with by typing --help

    ss (2015-05-13 at 01.15.31).png