Capturing Keystrokes and creating a Script on a Mobile Device

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    On the Mobile Device, do the following:


    Start the Telnet Client


    Get to the page in the application where you want to start capturing data


    1. Select OptionsàScriptingàStart Capture


    Input password if prompted:  system


    You will be asked “Do you want the Script to verify the current screen text?”


                Select No


    You will now see selectable buttons along the bottom of the display:

    Screen                         Cursor             ID        Stop

    Go ahead and do the sequence that you want the Script to do for you once completed.



    Once you are at the final screen or area in the application where you want to stop the Script, select Stop from the bottom row of buttons.


    Give the Script a name.  Don’t use spaces.  If you want to separate words, use an underscore, then select OK.


    You will then be asked if you want to set up an Activation Method.  Select Yes, and check “Select from Menu”, then select OK.


    You will now be able to see or edit your Script directly on the Mobile Device.


    1. Select OptionsàConfigureàScripting


    You will now see your Script in the list.


    Highlight your Script and select Edit.  You can now make changes to the Script.



    If you would rather take the base Script from the Mobile Device, and bring it over to the PC Wavelink Configuration Tool where it is easier to modify, then do the following:


    On the device, establish an Activesync connection.



    Right click on the following file and select Copy:

      No go back to the Configuration files on the PC side.  They are located in the following structure.  Your folders may be somewhat different, as I have put them in custom folders:



    You can then launch the Telnet client on the PC and select Script Editor:





    You will now see the Script that you had created on the WT41N0, and can modify it as needed:






    Highlight it and select Edit.






    I selected 7B (P1 Key) that I used to run the Script once I was at the Login Screen of the device.



    If you want to use P2, then you would put in 7C