Macintosh Post 8.8 SP2 Agent Refresh (

Version 6

    This patch is included in LANDesk 8.8 Software Updates available via the Download Updates button of the Security and Patch Manager window of the console. In addition the link at the bottom of this post is a direct download of the patch.




    • Battery information is now reported for Macintosh devices.


    Remote Control

    • When Mac is set to Display Login Window as Name and Password with automatic login disabled Remote Control to that device returns a black screen


    Securtiy/Patch Manager

    • Clean/Repair History under Security and Patch Information returns proper status after a successful repair using the Office 2008-1212 Update.
    • Updated Patch Manager so that APPLE-SP-Le4, APPLE-SP-Le5 and APPLE-SP-Le6 install correctly on MACs.


    Software distribution changes


    • If a client machine runs out of disk space while sdclient is running it will exit and report task status as "Done" and "No Errors". The agent now checks to make sure that there is at least 512MB more disk space than the number of bytes required to install a package.
    • MAC packages now handle .APP files for both Software Distribution packages as well as for Patches.
    • Updated Policy checking routine and error reporting.
    • Resolved an issue where Large packages (~1.5 Gig or greater) would fail to download completely when deployed as a Policy.