How to change a keypress to a null value.

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    Terminal Emulation 7.3Terminal Emulation 7.2Terminal Emulation 7.0

    Environment: TelnetCE v7.3.xx, Keypress (example “F12”) causes the Host Server to crash (freeze up). This would be the same for earlier TE versions.

    Problem: The Emulation Host is not accepting the value that the Keypress is sending, and causes the Host to crash.

    Cause: The Emulation Host was not setup to accept the HEX value sent from any Keypress.

    Solution/Workaround: Because the value being sent is not needed, you can change the value of the Keypress to be a NULL.

    Create a KeyMacro for the Keypress and change it to a “null” value (0000). Here is how that can be changed in the parameters.

    Launch the configuration tool and go to the Emulation Parameter,


    then the Common, then the KeyMacro.


    Put the value of the Keypress causing the issue, and create the KeyMacro to switch the value to “0000”. This example has F12 (5500) switching to a null (0000).


    You will need to save the change, then send the configuration to the device. You will need to exit TelnetCE if already launched, the launch the TE client again. The setting will be applied.

    You can get the value of the keypress by pressing the Alt.D (Diagnotics),

    then press the “k” (keypress),

    then press the key causing the issue (example F12 = “5500”).

    This will display the value of the keypress.

    Then press Q a few times to exit the diagnostics mode.