How To: Install Antivirus on the Core Server

Version 9

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    In some instances, users may want to install Antivirus on the core server in an effort to be more secure. The purpose of this document is to cover how to properly install Antivirus on the Core Server without causing issues/interruptions.


    Method 1 - Install a Non-Branded version of Kaspersky AV

    This install of AV will not automatically update definitions from the core. However, it can be configured to do so as illustrated later in this document.

    This particular method avoids installing a LANDESK Agent on the Core Server. While installing an agent on the core is fully supported, some may choose to not do it for various reasons.


    To install the Non Branded version of Kaspersky, browse to %ldms_home%\ManagementSuite\ldlogon\avclient\install\setup. From there, run setup.exe as administrator.

    Setup Location.png

    The "Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Setup Wizard will show on the screen." The install is rather straightforward - make the necessary selections and click Install on the "Ready to Install" panel.

    Install Kav.png

    Once the installation has completed, the "Initial Configuration Wizard" will prompt for activation. Select Activate with a key file and click Next.


    Browse to the location of the .Key file provided by LANDESK. The key should be in ########.key format. The information about the key should immediately populate.


    Click Next two more times and then Finish after the System Analysis has completed. Kaspersky AV should now be fully installed and running:

    AV UI.png


    Configuring Antivirus to Update Definitions from the Core


    Once the Kaspersky-Branded AV has been installed on the core, scheduled updates will need to be configured. This is done by navigating to the Settings tab, then Updates under Scheduled Tasks.


    Run Mode can be configured to run Automatically, Manually, or By Schedule. The recommended option would be By Schedule, as the schedule can be configured to run alongside the schedule configured in the Agents.


    Kaspersky Antivirus is configured to update via the Kaspersky Lab update servers by default, but can be configured to update from a custom location.


    Click Update Source and then click Add.

    Update Location.png

    With the latest edition of Kaspersky/LANDESK Antivirus (, the location for Antivirus updates is stored on the core at http://CORESERVERNAME.domain/ldlogon/antivirus8/win/basesEP10.


    Older versions will pull from a different update folder in the same directory. If the exact location is uncertain, reference the Update section in any of the installed Agents and reference the configured update location.


    Once the necessary configurations have been made, click OK and then click Save.


    Method 2 - Installing LANDESK Antivirus Alongside an Agent


    LANDESK Antivirus can be installed on the Core Server alongside the LANDESK Agent. It is recommended to deselect all the Agent Components besides LANDESK Antivirus:

    Agent Install.png

    The Common Base Agent is already installed on the core as part of the Management Suite Installation, so the Agent can be installed as a scheduled task. It can also be installed via a Self-Contained Executable.

    Exclusions will need to be added to Antivirus in order for the core to properly function. For more information on what needs to be excluded, please reference this Community Document.