Remote Control cannot "View" the Windows7 64-bit Device with Avalanche v6.1

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Remote Control 4.1

    Environment: Avalanche v6.1, Remote Control v4.1, and a Windows 64-bit OS.

    Problem: When Remote controlling to the Windows Device, it is connected, but when the “View” is pressed a new window is opened and a message is displayed,


    that the Remote Control is Terminated.


    Cause: The Enabler version 5.3-20 for the Universal Windows7 64-bit.

    Solution/Workaround: You will need to remove the Remote Control from the device. Disable the Remote Control package, deploy, then Update Now the device and choose Delete Orphaned packages, and OK. This will uninstall the Remote Control from the device.

    You will also need to remove the Avalanche Enabler from the device. Go to the Remove Programs and uninstall the Wavelink Enabler v5.3-20 from the device. Then download the Universal Enabler for the Windows7 32-bit (v5.3-33) install on the Windows Device. Configure to connect to the Avalanche Server.

    Enable the Remote Control package and have the device connect to the Avalanche Server. It will get the remote Control package, install the client on the device. At this point you will be able to Remote and view the device.