How to create a simple alert setting to test alert issue.

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    This article provides details on how to setup a simple action to test alerting functions, and how to do basic troubleshooting


    Detailed Steps

    1. Make sure the agent configuration includes real time monitoring component as marked below


    2. Creating a service monitor alert, is the most effective way to perform this test. You can go to Alerts--Monitor-Service Monitor, edit OS Services Monitoring,

    and select service "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" to test the service.


    3. You can also create a Run on client action to help verify if the alert has been triggered on client. If the alert triggered on the client machine, you would find notepad.exe running in the task manager on client.



    4. When you create the alert email action, make sure you enter an email address in the field From,even though it is not a required field.



    5. Drag the Alert, email action and always send to the Configure ruleset. You can double click the ruleset to verify if all the alerts or actions have added successfully.



    6,Save and Publish alert setting, run the alert task to distribute the alert ruleset, after the task complete, you can click Inventory to verify if the alert apply to client successfully.



    7,Stop service Background Intelligent Transfer Service on the client machine. Then go to console to verify if you can receive service stop as below.


    8, if you successfully get this log file, then check your email box to verify if you can receive the alert email, if no email has been received, please gather the sendmail.log which located at  c:\program files(X86)\landesk\managementsuite