How to hide categories and its subcategories for End users?

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    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x

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    Need to be able to log into the application console as SA


    How to:

    How to hide categories and its subcategories for End users


    Step by Step:

    1. - Open Designers > Object Designer, Create a new attribute in Incident Management - Category called something like 'End User Visible' and make it a 'Boolean' value with a 'Default Value' of 'False'
    2. - Next you need to create a relationship from 'User' to 'Incident', by dragging System - User up to Incident Management - Incident. When prompted, say 'No', then change the 'Title' and the 'Name' to 'Current User' and then Save it.
    3. - Next select Incident > Category, and go to the 'Filter Selectors', drop down the collection, and select 'New Filter Rule'. Now drop down the arrow next to 'Select a filter query', and select 'New', Name it something like 'End User Visible Category'. Add in the criteria, the attribute "End User Visible" and put Equals to 'True'. Then save the filter, Save the Attribute Filter Selector, and select 'New Condition', and from the left column select 'Current User > User Type', and then check the radio button for 'Specify and absolute value for this attribute' and enter 'End User'.


    1. - Select 'OK' to save the filter.
    2. - Next you need to create a copy rule, so go to 'Window Manager - Incident Management - Incident', just selecting 'Incident'
    3. - In the Action pane at the top, select the 'Business Object Copy Rules', then expand the Copy Rules tree don to 'Incident', right click on 'Incident' and select 'New Rule'
    4. - In the Rule Editor, Set a Description of something like 'End User Visible Categories', set the Event to 'Initialise', the Target needs to be a selected attribute of 'Current User', then the Source you need to select from the Attribute Macros, being Current User. Let the checkbox 'Always execute rule' checked. Do nothing else with this, and Save it.


    1. - Now open the incident window, and add the 'Current User' attribute to the window. You can hide this attribute from the window. Save the window
    2. Go in Administration > Categories > Incident Management > Category and for each category, you need to check the box "End User Visible" to make it appear to the End Users. If not, leave it unchecked.



    1. - Do an IISRESET