LetMobile 2.7 Release Notes

Version 1


    • Add the ability to auto-enroll devices into Hybrid or bypass modes if the device has passcode enabled and/or encryption enabled.
    • Add the ability to auto-login the user to LetMobile if the device has passcode enabled and/or encryption enabled.
    • Added the ability to notify users and admins on an upcoming maintenance window. The notification is shown on the login page (SaaS only).
    • Added support for the Outlook app. The Outlook app type is added into the device selection wizard during the Web based device enrolment. Outlook app works in Hybrid mode only.
    • When LetMobile on premise is installed on a server that has 2 network cards, added the ability to specify from which network card (and IP) to send requests.


    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed word truncation for CHS, RUS, JPN in iOS app during enrolment wizard
    • Fixed localization of reset password confirmation screen
    • Fixed out-of-memory bug caused by Windows 8 devices opening pass-through images
    • Fixed a bug for LG devices which got server error when opening calendar events in mail
    • Fixed LM app crash when user tries to login in offline mode
    • Fixed DLP rule for emails does not work on CC recipient
    • Fixed DLP to work more a in Hybrid, airplane and Bypass modes
    • Fixed email rendering when subject filter is enabled
    • Fixed error 500 when disable airplane mode
    • Fixed ActiveSync policy can be deployed to Sony devices when the device has passcode enabled
    • Fixed LetMobile not working when private certificate is installed on Exchange. Allow to bypass this for on premise deployment
    • Fixed passcode policy to work with LG with Android 5
    • Fixed problem when airplane mode cannot be enabled when connected to Exchange 2007
    • Disabled the use of SSL v3
    • Fixed problems with offline and airplane modes in different languages
    • Fixed bypass attachments in Windows 8.x
    • Updated defaults for new policy
    • Fixed forgot password – new password now meets password requirements
    • Fixed cases where regex in DLP cause 100% CPU
    • Fixed translations and language support in admin console, user portal and iOS app
    • Fixed preview is not shown in Win8 and hybrid mode