Issue: Custom Report logo does not remain persistent

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6

    Environment: LDMS 9.6


    Date Reviewed: 23/06/2015


    Issue Description:

    When trying to replace the LANDESK logo with a custom one it does not remain persistent and sometimes gets replaced by the LANDESK logo.



    This is due to the image being hardcoded into the default report templates that we use. When you add a custom image this currently gets a mixed priority as the logo loaded first will be used.

    logo issue.png


    A TFS has been raised with the developer team and this is expected to be fixed in the next version of LDMS.



    Following the steps outlined below you can resolve this issue right now. To do this will be backing up the current templates and copying in new ones attached to this article:


    1.Make sure you have closed open reports and any windows related to these files.As this process will not work while the files are in use

    2. Go to the following path and create a folder called backup:

         "C:\program files\landesk\managmentsuite\reporting!


    3. Cut and past the following templates into the backup folder:

    --You only have to backup and replace the templates that you use in your reports. If you want to be through though change all of them.





    Once these have been moved to the new location.


    4. Unzip the attached zip file in this folder to place in the modified blank templates for use with your image.



    N.B please be aware that you may have to re-add this image to all your reports.

    Also be aware that if an upgrade or a component patch is applied to the core that these riles maybe overridden if fixes are made to this component. SO back them up once you have made changes to your reports.