Naurtech CETerm Licensing Error

Version 1


    Naurtech CETerm Emulation

    Naurtech CETerm 5.7 and earlier



    After inputting a CETerm license in a device, the license is not entered and the error message "Licensing Error" pops up.



    When the License Failed messages appears it is because there is a mismatch between the license provided and the way that the license information was entered.

    • The User ID you are registering correct.
    • The User ID contains special characters such as / * or special language characters like 食品.
    • CaSe SeNsiTive information was entered incorrectly.
    • The version of CETerm you are trying is different than the version of the license.
    • The device wasn't on the network when you provided the License ID when ordering the CETerm licenses.

    Resolution:Here are a few things that to try that commonly fix this problem.

    1. Check to make sure the case is correct. For example, if the Licensee Name was "Naurtech" and had been entered in as "NaurTech".

    2. Leaving a space before or after on any field can cause this error. IE: "Naurtech  "  - notice the extra space after Naurtech.

    3. Another common error is selecting an incorrect platform version. The version of CETerm license you have needs to match the version of CETerm that is installed on the device. If you have a license for 5.5 and install version 5.7, the license will not authorize.

    4. Make sure the license ID’s match. If they don’t, physically connect the device to the computer, or visa versa. The device can output a different ID depending if its physically connected to the network against using it wirelessly.


    If the licensee name seems like it may be too long contact Wavelink Customer Support for further instructions on obtaining a license exchange.


    In other rare cases, a license may have been generated incorrectly and a license exchange will be necessary. For help with a license exchange contact [email protected]