Unable to set "Perform Versioning" on a CI Object.

Version 4

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    When attempting to enable an object to Perform Versioning we are presented with the following error Message.




    The name of class type _xxxVersion is too long. The name of user-defined class types that are mapped to tables are limited to 25 characters. Other names are limited to 64 characters.








    This issue was raised a Problem: 6155: CIs with a Title length of 19 or longer cannot be versioned


    A Patch update has been created to overcome this issue for Service Desk 7.8.1 and will be in the release of Service Desk 7.8.2.


    If you are using Service Desk 7.8.1, please see below link to obtain the Patch


    Service Desk 7.8.1 Cumulative Hotfixes


    To download the Latest Version of Service Desk, please see below link


    Downloads for Ivanti Service Desk, Asset Manager and Xtraction