Turning Scanned Barcode into a VT active Function Key press.

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    Terminal Emulation 7.3Terminal Emulation 7.2Terminal Emulation 7.0

    Environment: Wanting to scan a “Function Key” barcode, and have it send the scan as an Active VT “Function Key” escape sequence. TelnetCE v7.3.


    Problem: When creating the barcode and scanning it, the scan shows the characters but does not sent them as a VT Escape Sequence.

    Solution/Workaround: You will need to create a Scan Handler for each Function Key needed, to act as an active keypress. The Scan Handler can be created in the Emulation Parameters under Scanner, Common, Scan Handler.


    Attached is the VT Escape Sequences. Below is the Example of a Scan Handler.


    Barcode is a CODE39, 4-characters, and displays “/EF1”. The VT escape (sent to the Host) for “F1” is ESC O P. So the Scan Handler would look like this.

    I(4)[x/EF1;\\08\\4F\\50   (Code39, 4-Characters,Translate /EF1 to ESC O P)


    You will need to repeat for all Function Keys required.