How do I Decrease Font Size / Make Font Smaller? / Font is too big

Version 2


    CETerm 5.7



    • How do I decrease the font size?
    • How do I make the font smaller?
    • Font is too big



    Terminal Emulation:

    The size of characters in terminal emulation is controlled by the "Font Increase" and "Font Decrease" buttons that look like big and small 'A' with vertical arrows on the CETerm toolbar.  These actions can also be mapped to keys if desired.

    These buttons change the font size through the range of 6 to 28 "points" (a point is 1/72 inch).  There is no direct configuration of the font size value.


    The appearance on the screen (pixels) will depend on the font selected and the screen resolution.  Different fixed-width fonts have different aspect ratios and overall appearances.  A high-resolution screen will consume more pixels for each character, but the character will not appear to be any larger than on a low-resolution screen.


    The number of character columns and rows visible on the screen at any one time depends on the selected font size and the selected font.  Different fonts can yield different ratios of row and columns at the same point size.


    WEB Emulation:

    The font size is session dependent. You must set the desired size in each session. If you want the size to set automatically, you can add an HTML <META> tag to the HTML source that forces a size.

    The custom <META> tag is "TextSize" and full details are found in Section 3.23 of the CETerm Web Browser Programming Guide: