How to set up content replication - Quick Guide

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    This document provides a quick guide for setting up replication. It will not go into detail on all areas of this component, but rather gives a getting started style view at setting up replication.


    For more information on Replication please see: How to use Ivanti EPM Content Replication





    Set up share on Core Server


    The point of replication is to duplicate files from a source to a preferred server. So to start we need a share that will be used to store the files we are going to replicate.

    Note: In this document I create a new share, but you could use any share such as ldlogon and it should be ok.


    • On the Core create a new directory
      • C:\share
    • Share the folder
      • I share mine to everyone with read/write permissions. It just makes it easier.
    • You now have a share \\core\share
    • Copy some files into the share folder to be replicated
      • Example: \\core\share\firefox.exe

    Set up Client Share


    Replication copies files from one share to the clients share of the same name. This means that any machine that will be replicated to must have a share setup of the same name as the source.

    We previously created \\Core\Share, so the client must have a share set up as \\Client\Share.

    The physical location on the drive won't matter, so long as the naming convention is the same.

    (i.e. C:\Share creates the same UNC share path as C:\Temp\Share. They both become \\client\share)

    Add Preferred Servers


    In Content Replication add a preferred server for:

    • Core (this will be where files are replicated from originally)
    • Client (this will be who gets the files in the end)




    Add Sources


    • In Content replication click Sources, and choose New Source.
    • In the Source Properties window, fill out the Configuration section
      • Name:
        • This can be anything, it is a unique way to tell what the source is.
      • UNC or http path:
      • Connect as user
        • A user account that has rights to the share.


    Configure Client Preferred Server


    • In Content Replication, select Preferred Servers
    • Double click the Client Preferred server to open it to edit
    • Click Selected Replicator
    • In the list of devices shown, pick the Replicator that will be in charge of copying files from the source to this Preferred Server.
    • Click Select



    • Next click Sources
    • Select the Source we added earlier and choose Include
      • This defines that the client will receive the files from this source.
    • Click Save



    • Next click Write Credentials
    • Provide credentials that will have write permissions to the share
      • Since we are copying to this machine, we write the files onto it. Only machines that will receive replicated files need the Write Credentials.
    • Click Save




    Start Replication


    • In Content Replication click All Tasks | Not Scheduled
    • There will be an entry showing the Source and Preferred server we just setup
    • Right click this entry and choose Start Content Replication Now



    • If everything was setup correctly, it should show as successful.