Display is showing 1/4 image with VGA devices connected to Web Page.

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3

    Environment: VGA device is displaying the WIB page as a small image. ¼ the size of a QVGA device. This will affect all IB versions for VGA devices.

    Problem: When the device is connecting to a Web Host (Server), the image appears as ¼ of the page.

    Cause: Web page is created for the QVGA devices, so when a VGA device connects it views the image smaller.

    Solution/Workaround: You can use the Web Host Insert to add a meta tag.

    Attached is an example that will work for most VGA devices. You will need to add it as a “Header Bottom”.

    Launch the Host Profile, then click on the Insert tab, choose add item,


    select the *.txt and choose Header Bottom, then OK.


    Send to the device and relaunch the Industrial Browser.

    You may need to change the Insert txt to change the size of the display.