CETerm: How to display Info items / Indicators?

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    CETerm 5.7

    How to display Info items / Indicators?


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    CETerm can be configured to display visual Info Items (also called Indicators) to display status of various device attributes. The following Info Items can be configured:

    • RF signal strength (like bars on a cell phone)
    • Battery power (remaining)
    • Keyboard state (Alpha, Numeric or some other mode)
    • Digital clock (date and time)
    • Browser page loading (when waiting for a web server to respond)

    All configuration of Info Items is managed through the dialog Session -> Configure -> Options -> Advanced -> Info Items. For optimal usage of the precious screen real estate on you rmobile computer, you can configue display of Info Items to suit your preference. Here are some general details.



    • Indicators may be displayed in any terminal emulation or Web Browser session
    • You can drag the Indicator or lock it at a specific position on the screen
    • If you see an 'X' over an Indicator icon, it means that CETerm was unable to retrieve information from the device.
    • If you see a '?' over an Indicator icon, it means that the hardware failed to return a value to CETerm and the status is unknown.
    • Double tapping on the Indicator will display a popup dialog with information detail
    • Depending on the Indicator, you can also configure a low threshold percentage to be notified with a prompt if the Indicator units fall below this threshold.
    • Info Items can be controlled and managed from a CETerm script or a web page. For Browser sessions, you can control the configuration and display of the Indicators from HTML META tags for Web Browser sessions. Please refer to the Web Browser Programming Reference for details.
    • This sample script shows how you can manage Indicators from a script
    • The Info Item indicators attributes should not be confused with the “Information buttons” in a Configurable KeyBar.