How To Troubleshoot Mac Provisioning

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    This document will help you step through troubleshooting the Macintosh Provisioning process, and some of the common issues.


    Common Issues


    1. Machine is booted into the NetBoot environment and the template begins to process only to immediately fail on the first action. We recently updated our NBI Stamping Utility, when used with an old version of the Agent any actions launched inside of the NetBoot environment will fail. To resolve this issue:
      1. Obtain a copy of the LD96-CP_MAC-2015-1105 Component Patch from LANDESK Support.
      2. Install the patch on the Core server, and redeploy the agent to the Mac client being used to Stamp the NBI file.
      3. Download the latest version of the LANDESK Stamping Utility from this document. (Mac OS X Provisioning Guide)
      4. Copy the newly stamped NBI file to the location you have configured for your NetBoot files.
      5. Once the new NBI is in place go ahead and re-try your task. If it still fails proceed to the "Troubleshooting Steps" section of this document.


    Troubleshooting Steps


    When the template fails inside of the NetBoot environment


    1. Enable the Terminal Prompt in the LANDESK NetBoot environment for verbose logging information:
      1. Boot the system into the standard OS and from the terminal run the following:
        sudo nvram ldosdterm=1
      2. This command will turn on the terminal inside of the NetBoot environment the next time the machine is netbooted. It is important to note that this variable is set in the NVRAM on the client and because of this the terminal will ALWAYS appear upon NetBoot until it is disabled. To disable the terminal repeat the steps, but change the 1 to 0. Depending on the machine you may need to reset the PRAM to clear the variable that calls the terminal on NetBoot.
    2. To run your template from the terminal:
      1. Use the Change Directory (cd) command to navigate to the following directory:
        cd /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin
      2. Verify that "ldpprovision" is present in that folder by running the following to list the folder contents:
        1. The files listed are the various handlers we use to process the various actions of the provisioning template. Ensure that "ldpprovision" is present.
      3. Initiate the LANDESK Provisioning process by running the following command:
      4. This will present you with the LANDESK Template Picker. After choosing your desired template, ldpprovision will begin processing the template, and you will see the logging output of the various actions in the Terminal window.
      5. This is the verbose logging that you can review o see at which point in the provisioning process, or step inside of an action that the template is failing.



    Additional Information


    • To get a listing of disk and partitions run the following command:
      diskutil list



    • To manually attempt a mount a drive in the NetBoot environment from the terminal please conduct the following:
      mkdir /Volumes/test_mount_point
      mount_smbfs “//domain;username:[email protected]/volume" /Volumes/test_mount_point


              **Please be sure to replace the password, domain, server name and volume with your information.


    • If the username isn’t an active directory one, omit the domain; and reference the following:
      mount_smbfs “//username:[email protected]/volume" /Volumes/test_mount_point


    • To record the log content of ldpprovision, run the following under the /bin directory:
    • ./ldpprovision &> /Volumes/test_mount_point/ldpprovision.txt