How To: Auto Assign to Creator

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    How To:

    In this article, we'll review how to automatically make an incident get assigned to the person who created (saved) the incident.


    Step by Step:

    1. These are the steps to make an Incident automatically assign itself to its creator:
    2. In Process Designer deactivate the required process.
    3. Highlight the Automatic Assignment action and select Properties.
    4. Click on the box at the end of the Action Instance Data field.
    5. Remove the entry (value type) in the group field.
    6. Right Click on the Analyst field (in the white box) and select Value Type.
    7. In the Control Value Selection box select Specify Runtime Value for Control.
    8. Expand the Incident Object and Tick the box next to Created By.

    This will only work for the assignment at the start of an incidents lifecycle, if you want to use a value type for automatic assignments you should use ‘Specify a macro value for control, current user’ which is also found on the Control Value Selection Window.




    ITBM 7.2.2 onward