Needing to use all three characters in the octets for VT answer Back or WorkstaionID

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    Terminal Emulation 7.3Terminal Emulation 7.2Terminal Emulation 7.0

    Environment: TelnetCE Client, VT Emulation Host, Device ID needed for login. Or using the IBM Workstation ID


    Problem: When setting the VT New Answer Back or the WorkstationID to use IP Octets, they are only getting the

    Numbers higher than “0”. They are needing all three characters from the octets of the IP.

    Solution/Workaround: For VT in the Emulation Parameters, or IBM in the Host Profile under WorkstationID,

    you can add a “03” after the %, and before the octet needed.

    The example for the last three IP octets would look like this KH%03b%03c%03d.


    VT Parameters



    IBM WorkstationID




    And would represent KH016203189. Two letters, and 9 numbers.