How to Create and Deploy a Package for Microsoft Office 2013

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    This document covers the preparation and silent installation of Microsoft Office 2013 using both the Office Customization Tool (OCT) and Ivanti EPM.


    Using the Office Customization Tool (OCT)


    We will start by using the OCT to create an MSP to guide the unattended installation. From the Microsoft Office install root directory, launch "setup.exe /admin"


    NOTE: The OCT is only available when using volume licensed versions of Windows Installer-based Office 2013. Versions that do not fit the criteria will result in the following error:

    Setup Error.png

    This will start the OCT. In the Select Product window, select the product that we'll be customizing and click OK. (Generally, only one will be available).

    Select Product.png   


    The following window will open which lists customization options for the installation of Office 2013. Since Ivanti EPM only handles the download and execution portion of this job, we'll only need configure the Licensing and user Interface portion to ensure a fully silent install.



      •     Enter the Product Key
      •     Select None as the display level. Since we run the package silently, this package will fail if any other display level is selected.                                                                                                
      •     Check the box to accept the terms of the License Agreement
      •     Be sure to select Suppress Modal and No cancel     


        Configure other options as desired. For more information on using the OCT, please reference Microsoft's Office Customization Tool Reference for Office 2013.                                                                                                             

      • Once completed, click File > Save As from the Menu Bar and save the MSP file to the updates folder in the package root directory. The name of the file isn't important.


        Its a good idea to now run the installation manually to ensure that it installs without error. Setup.exe will automatically search the update folder for any MSP files, so double-clicking it will now result in an automated install.


    Create a new Package using the Ivanti EPM Console


    Ensure that the Office 2013 installation package is on a network share in a preferred server. The download portion of the task will likely fail is these prerequisites are not met. For more information, please reference this Community Document on Preferred Servers.


    In the Ivnati EPM Console, go to Tools > Distribution > Distribution Packages > New Distribution Package and select New Executable Package.


      • In the Package Information section, browse to the share location and specify setup.exe as the primary file.
      • In the Additional Files section, include all files in the directory excluding setup.exe and click the double arrow to move the files over.                                                                                                                                                                       

        Package Information.png      Additional Files.png

      • Select Yes when prompted with this window asking to include all sub directories.

        Add Contents.png

      • Configure the remainder of the package as needed. For more information, please reference this Ivanti EPM Space page on Software Distribution.
      • Click Save.

                      NOTE: At any point if the package content needs to be changed, its important to right click the package and select "reset hash" after saving.



    Create a new Scheduled Task to Deploy Office 2013


    Right-click the newly-created distribution task and select Create Scheduled Task. This will open the Scheduled Tasks tool with a new entry for the distribution task.


    Drag and Drop the desired devices into the Scheduled Task, Right Click the task, and select Start Now > All Devices.

    Create Task.png  Arrow.pngScheduled Task.png


    The installation will install completely silently with no display to the end user.