Device Make Or Model Is Not Showing Up In The HII Dropdown Menu

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    You are trying to assign drivers in HII but the device make or model isn't available in the dropdown menus:





    This is usually caused by not having an inventory record for that device model in the database. The Make and Model list in HII are populated by the information that is gathered from the inventory scanner. If your device or an identical device has not ever scanned into the database, it will not show up in HII. In addition, HardwareInfoUtility.exe (In the agents LDClient folder) runs automatically about 10-15 minutes after the agent is first installed on a machine. That EXE sends up the hardware device ID's that are used for matching compatible drivers to the machine. Both of these processes need to happen for HII to work for a new computer model.




    Install an Ivanti agent on the device, run an inventory scan, and verify that record was updated in the database correctly.

    Be sure that Data Translation Services (DTS) rules are not normalizing the make and model.  For example, if the make is "Hewlett-Packard" but DTS normalizes this to "HP", it will appear as HP in HII and this will be incorrect.  Disable any such DTS rules while you run the inventory scan, and then enable the rules again once the correct, exact match device is populated into HII.

    You can verify the detected make, model, OS and architecture of a device by running HII in Preview mode on the device:


    How to use HIICLIENT in preview mode


    Here is an example excerpt from a HIIPreview.log file:

    ***************** Starting HIIClient Preview *****************

    Running in WinPE

    Device manufacturer discovered as: Hewlett-Packard

    Device model discovered as: HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF

    Running preview for OS 6.1 Workstation X86: Windows 7 32-bit


    Hardware device discovered. Device number 1:

    Device name: USB Root Hub (xHCI)

    Primary device ID: USB\ROOT_HUB30&VID8086&PID8C31&REV0004

    Additional device ID: USB\ROOT_HUB30&VID8086&PID8C31

    Additional device ID: USB\ROOT_HUB30