Landesk Management Suite HTML5 Remote Control for MAC

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    This document is intended to assist LANDESK® Management Suite users with using HTML Remote Control with Mac OS X. This  document  is  written  with  the  expectation  that  the  LANDESK Mac Agent has already been applied to your device.



    Mac remote control is possible through our HTML Remote Control feature. The Legacy Remote control feature is not applicable to the Mac operating system.


    To access the remote control settings navigate to Tools | Configuration | Agent Settings |All Agent Settings


    Note* The same Remote control settings can be applied to a Windows and an OS X device



    After identifying the Remote control settings you would like to use right-click and choose Properties



    Under General settings make sure Allow HTML access is selected and configure the remaining Allow items as you desire. All remaining settings can be configured as desired.

    Note* File transfer and the Chat feature does not work in the OS X environment




    After configuring all remaining setting to fit your environment, navigate to the target Mac device under your Network View, right-click and select HTML remote control.



    The following screen will be displayed allowing access to the selected Mac device.



    I’ve highlighted the Tools icon at the bottom of the screen. This feature will allow you to Restart the remote device and Remote Execute files.




    Please review the below listed link for additional information regarding  HTML remote control.

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6 HTML remote control documentation