Troubleshooting Mac Patching in 9.6

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6

    Make sure the patch definition in question is contained in the scan folder. To do this please navigate to Tools | Security and Compliance | Patch and Compliance. Select the scan folder and perform a search for the desired definition.


    Verify from the core, the desired definition is being detected on the Mac device. To do this right-click on the desired Mac device and choose Security and Patch Information.


    Select the All detected folder and verify the targeted definition is listed. If the desired definition is not being detected perform a security scan on the Mac device to ensure the last scan made an attempt to scan against the definition.




    Check the Landesk.log file on the Mac device and verify the patch definition is being detected for on the device. The Landesk.log file is located on the client in the following location:

    /Library/Application Support/Landesk




    Verify the landesk.log file shows the package download and verify the download exist in the tmp directory.





    Check the Landesk.log file for an install attempt.


    Verify that the patch is no longer listed as detected on the core and verify the Clean/Repair History shows an install attempt for the targeted patch.



    In the event you suspect a definition isn’t being detected but should be, pull a list of software updates from the Mac device.

    To get a list of available software updates, type the following command from the Mac Terminal:

    softwareupdate  -l


    If you run into any issues regarding a patch attempt please export the landesk.log file and the list of software updates available for the device an open a support case.