Temporary Internet Files Growing Very Large On Core

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    Temporary internet files are filling up the system drive on the core usually in this path:




    By default, Web Rules are ran by a "local system account". This is determined by the settings on the Managed Planet Core Scan Service properties. If you are running Web Rules in Data Analytics that are set to active, you will fill up the IE Cache very quickly with temporary files.



    LANDESK recommends that when you install LANDESK Data Analytics that you configure your Managed Planet Core Scan Processor service be configured with a domain administrator account. Generally customers will create a "Service Account" that has domain admin access but is strictly for use with LANDESK services installed on the core. As long as you have configured your services to use this "Service Account" you can use the following resolution to attempt to limit the amount of temporary internet files that you see on the core. **Note: this solution won't cause all of the temporary internet files to instantly go away, but it should limit the amount that get created and stick around.

    In addition, it is also recommended that Web Rules in Data Analytics set to be scheduled instead of running them as an Active Rule. Active Rules are ran as inventory is received and can generate a lot of unnecessary web traffic, which as a result causes and files in that folder to get created and steadily increase in numbers. You may keep the Web Rules set to active if you prefer, however please keep this in mind when you configure these kinds of rules. **Note: The term Web Rules includes (but not limited to) rules such as CDW, Microsoft, Adobe B2B connectors, etc.

    This article will go over how to change the settings in the service and in Internet Explorer to prevent those unnecessary files from filing up the hard drive.

    1. Navigate to the previously mentioned INetCache folder and delete the files in that folder.

    2. From the Core, open the list of Services, select Managed Planet Core Scan Processor and enter the LANDesk service account under Properties.


    3. Log onto the Core as that Domain Administrator, open Internet Explorer and click Tools (gear icon)

    internet options.png

    In Internet Options click the Advanced tab, and scroll down the settings. In the Security category check the box for Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed


    Click Apply, and close the Internet Options window

    Note: The Temporary Internet files may take time to be removed. We are relying on the Internet Explorer settings to remove the files; LANDESK is not directly deleting these files. If the files are not removed, it may require other means to clear this directory of files such as using a scheduled script that clears files. This functionality is not directly managed via the LDMS Core.

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