CETerm: How do I run my application in Full Screen mode?

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    You can configure a any session to run in full screen mode. This means that the following graphical widgets are hidden:

    • Application Menu
    • Application Toolbar
    • KeyBar
    • Operating System Start Bar

    Follow these steps to set up your session in full screen mode:

    • Go to Session -> Configure -> Display -> Advanced -> Hide / Show tab
    • Enable the checkbox settings:
      • Hide Menu Bar
      • Hide Key Bar
      • Hide Tool Bar
      • Hide SIP button (for Windows Mobile terminals only)
    • Go to Session -> Configure -> Options -> Advanced -> Access tab
    • Enable the checkbox settings:
      • Hide Start Bar
      • Hide Start Menu

    If you would like to hide the vertical and horizontal scroll bars as well, you can do do from the @@Session -> Configure -> Display dialog.

    If you are running your session in full screen mode, and need a way to access the application menu or configuration dialogs, follow steps in this article: CETerm: I am in full screen mode. How do I get back into my configuration.