CETerm: I am in full screen mode. How do I get back into my configuration

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    You can get back to your configuration dialogs from a full screen configuration via a special Context Menu. If you tap and hold the stylus towards the top left vertical edge of the display screen, you will see a context menu appear. If the Start bar is visible, then tap an hold on the top left edge right below the Start bar. The screenshot below shows the top left area where to tap and hold until the context menu appears. Your options will be to “Connect”, “Configure” or “Program Exit”. The tap area is shown in the image below.

    NOTE>> On Windows CE platform terminals with a full screen web browser session, it takes a double tap to get the context menu.

    Choosing "Configure" will bring up the configuration dialog. If you have configured an access control password, you will be required to enter this, prior to getting access to the configuration dialogs.