How To: Deploy an Agent via PUSH to Windows 10 in LDMS 9.6 SP2

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    How To: Deploy an Agent via PUSH to Windows 10 in LDMS 9.6 SP2




    • This document will provide you with the necessary steps on how to install an agent to the Windows 10 operating system.




    • You will need to have the following component patch or greater before being able to deploy an agent to a Windows 10 device:  2015-0722
    • This is a 9.6 SP2 component patch that is available here: Support for Windows 10 in LDMS 9.5 and 9.6


    Task Setup and Agent Deployment:


    • Under the "Agent Configuration" area in the console, right click the desired agent and select "Schedule agent deployment".  This will create a task and allow you to drag devices into it to deploy to them.







    • The core will attempt to create a folder named $ldcfg$ in \\DEVICENAME\c$ using the credentials used in the scheduler service.




    • It will then run an app it downloads called "IPCheck" which verifies that the hostname and IP match what the core believes it should be.  A TMP file will also be downloaded and extracted, this contains the agent installation.







    Consider the following: