Configuring LDAP import and scheduled import

Version 1

    How to configure and schedule LDAP import Users from Active Directory into Helpdesk database


    1.     Edit the LDAPconfig.txt file in the HDBIN32 with the connection details such as server name and login details etc.


    2.             Connection details can be tested using the list.exe application to confirm that they are correct and working. List.exe                         application can also be used to determine the values of the fields that will be imported from Active Directory into the                          Helpdesk system.


    3.     In designer, go to File>>Table>>Setup External and choose the LDAP option and exit.


    4.     Then go to File>>Tables>>External Import, and if the config file (ldapconfig.txt) is correct it will bring back the following:

                    Choose the User table in the destination table in the drop down list box.


    5.     You will need to then map the fields you wish to import from the Active Directory to the Helpdesk fields.


    6.     Once complete you can manually run the import from the same screen and import the Users from the AD into Helpdesk.


    HelpDesk 6.7 and above.