Setting the timeout for a Workspace session

Version 1


    The default timeout for a Workspace session is 20 minutes. This means that a user who uses Workspace infrequently during the day, may have to login multiple times when accessing Workspace data.



    The timeout is caused by a default setting in Internet Information Server.



    To set the timeout to your own standard, start Internet Information Services on your LANDESK Server where the My.BridgeIT application is configured (LDMS or LDSD). Browse in the panel on the left to the 'My.BridgeIT' virtual application. Click on the My.BridgeIT virtual application to get all the options in the panels in the middle. Look for a 'Session State' in the top row in the middle and open it.




    Scroll to the bottom for the 'Time-out (in minutes)' setting and adjust to your own needs, for example 60 for a possible session inactivity of 1 hour.

    Click 'apply' in the most right panel.