How To: Deploy HP Bios Settings

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    How To: Deploy HP Bios Settings




    • This document will provide you with the necessary steps on how to deploy HP Bios agent settings to your HP devices.  Please note this is not a typical agent setting and is not shown in the agent configuration.


    HP Bios Agent Settings Setup:


    • Under the "Agent Settings" area in the console, find the "All Agent Settings" folder and expand it.  Then, expand the "HP" folder and click into the "HP BIOS Settings" area.




    • Create or edit an existing agent setting.  On the first screen, you will find several fields.  These fields are driven by your inventory, so to have data appear here you will need to have inventory on an HP device.  Choose a model and enter a device manually or click "Find first device" to automatically find and choose a device of the selected model.  The inventory for this device will drive what appears on the "Edit Bios Settings" screen, which you will click into next.




    • Now in the "BIOS Settings Configuration", you can see the current settings for the device you chose as well as fields for a new setting.  In my example, I want all my devices to stay powered off during a power loss.  You can see that the current setting for the device is "On".  By changing the new setting to "Off", all the devices I sent this agent setting to will be forced to the off state while all other settings will stay what they are on each device.




    • Enter your BIOS password if your devices have one and click "Ok".  On the agent setting, click "Save".
    • Now back in the main console, you can click the "Create a Task" button on the taskbar choosing "Change Settings..." from the dropdown.




    • When the "Change Settings Task" window appears, you will want to select your modified agent setting from the "HP Bios Settings" option.  Make sure you "Save" this task.




    • Drag the devices you want to receive this change to this task and start it.




    • The settings applied will require a reboot to take effect.