LANDESK Patch News Bulletin: Wireshark Version 1.12.7 is Available for Windows 17-AUG-2015

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    ·       (August 17, 2015) Wireshark version 1.12.7 has been released for Windows. The following bug fixes are included in this release:
    Protocol tree crash. (Bug 11309)
    Memory manager crash. (Bug 11373)
    Dissector table crash. (Bug 11381)
    ZigBee crash. (Bug 11389)
    GSM RLC/MAC infinite loop. (Bug 11358)
    WaveAgent crash. (Bug 11358)
    OpenFlow infinite loop. (Bug 11358)
    Ptvcursor crash. (Bug 11358)
    WCCP crash. (Bug 11358)
    The following bugs have been fixed:
    DCE RPC "Decode As" capability is missing. (Bug 10368)
    Mergecap turns nanosecond-resolution time stamps into microsecond-resolution time stamps. (Bug 11202)
    The Aruba ERM Type 1 Dissector inconsistent with Type 0 and Type 3. (Bug 11204)
    Parse CFM Type Test signal (TST) without CRC. (Bug 11286)
    Tshark: output format of rpc.xid changed from Hex to Integer. (Bug 11292)
    Not stop -a filecount . (Bug 11305) display is wrong. (Bug 11330)
    Powerlink (EPL) SDO packages interpreted as frame dublication. (Bug 11341)
    Mysql dissector adds packet content to INFO column without scrubbing it. (Bug 11344)
    PIM null-register according to rfc4601 is incorrectly parsed. (Bug 11354)
    Wireshark Lua dissectors: both expand together. (Bug 11356)
    Link-type not retrieved for rpcap interfaces configured with authentication. (Bug 11366)
    SSL Decryption (RSA private key with p smaller than q) failing on the Windows 7 buildbot. (Bug 11372)
    [gtpv2]PCSCF ip in the Protocol configuration of update bearer request is not getting populated. (Bug 11378)
    wpan.src64 (and dst64) filter always gives "is not a valid EUI64 Address" error. (Bug 11380)
    Websphere MQ Work Information Header incorrectly showing "Reserved". (Bug 11384)
    DUP ACK Counter resetting after Window Update. (Bug 11397)
    CSV values missing when using tshark -2 option. (Bug 11401)
    Ethernet PAUSE frames are decoded incorrectly as PFC. (Bug 11403)
    SOCKS decoder giving strange values for seemingly normal SOCKS connection. (Bug 11417)
    802.11ad decoding error. (Bug 11419) Please visit the following page for more details:  


    New Vulnerabilities     

    ·         Vulnerability ID – WIRESHARKv1.12.7  


    Changed Vulnerabilities     

    ·       Vulnerability ID – WIRESHARKv1.12.6
    (Added the replacement information.) 


    New Patch Downloads     

      ·     wireshark-win32-1.12.7.exe  

      ·     wireshark-win64-1.12.7.exe  


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