New Avalanche v6.1 install, will not connect with browser.

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    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0

    Environment: Installing Avalanche v6.1 to an MS SQL Instance. Customers own SQL Server.


    Problem: After installing Avalanche v6.1, the Web Browser is not able to connect to the Avalanche Server. Error on the address (url).

    In the "installer_eserver_liquidbaseupdate_log_stdout-6.1.103-599.txt" from the install-logs folder in the Avalanche folder,



    you may see an error in the log that looks like this:


    PM:liquibase: Continuing past: ../db_alter_scripts/wam/db.changelog.1.derby.version_6.0.6.76.xml:: 3:f1f9bfad02604cf93e1fec99b14c1aa2) despite precondition failure due to onFail='CONTINUE':

               db.changelog.master.xml : DBMS Precondition failed: expected derby, got mssql


    Cause: When running the Installer, the Avalanche creates the two databases (Avalanche, Avastats), then populates the database tables,

    but never completes the installation. Avalanche Enterprise Server service is not started, and will not start.


    During the creation of the database and the insertion of the base data and tables we use a java tool called JDBC to run our scripts and setup.

    Later in the installation was run a tool called liquibase to perform migrations of the data as well as run our latest update scripts to bring the

    database into the expected date. JDBC supports all of the expected SQLServer password characters while our execution mechanism for our

    database upgrade tool (liquibase) has some known issues with special characters in passwords (example: $, !, %, &, etc).

    This may explain the state the system was in after the installation with the tables generated but the database still out of date with what the product was expecting.


    Solution/Workaround: Change the Password for the User that is being used for the Avalanche Install credentials.