How do I setup an action to propagate to child when performed on the parent?

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    Parent Child functionality is available in Service Desk.

    As part of this feature you can design your system to propagate actions on a Process to associated Children. For example: If you resolve a Parent Incident, the resolve action will also take place on the associated Child Incidents.

    The following guide describes how to set-up Parent-Child propagation and then some troubleshooting tips if it doesn't seem to be working properly for you.


    Setting up propagation


    There are several control levels for choosing what will be propagated and when.


    1) In order for there to be any propagation at all the top level of propagation must be set to true.  This setting is in Object Designer on the 'Children' collection of the Main Object (For example, Incident).  The property is called 'Propagate Actions'.




    2) The second level determines if a particular action will be propagated at all.  This setting is also made in Object Designer: On the process object, select the collection that the action will be updating then click the 'Modify Action' action:





    The new dialogue contains a checkbox for 'Propagate Action to Children'.  If this setting is not made the action will never be propagated to child objects.





    3) The final level of control is on the individual processes.  Again there is a setting on the properties of the actions to select whether a particular action will be propagated to child IPCCs.




    There are three options for this setting:

    False - this means that this action will not be propagated to children regardless of any other setting.
    True - this means that the action will be propagated to children if Child propagation is allowed (first level).  It is not dependent on the checkbox on the action in Object Designer (second level).
    Inherit - this means the action will propagate if the action in Object Designer is set to propagate but will not if the checkbox is left blank.




    Seeing the Parents/Children of an IPCC

    This is a relatively simple operation - all you need to do is add the Parent and Children collection objects to the appropriate windows and ensure that they are set to show on the tree or as a tab.  For more information about designing windows, please see the Designer manual.




    - The "Propagate to Child" action will not work on a windowless action. (The ones created directly in Process Designer).

    - The "Propagate to Child" action will only work on the first Manual action in a transition. If you have a manual action which is NOT set to Propagate to Child, followed by an automatic action which IS set to propagate to Child, then the automatic action will NOT propagate to Child even though the Child Process might have the same action as a manual action of a status.


    Common Problems:

    1) Error: 'This Incident has changed status, and the action you selected is no longer available. Please redisplay the window and try again' when trying to use the actions: "Create Child Incident" or "Create Parent Incident".

    For more information see:


    2) An action does not propagate

    Assuming that the settings described above are configured correctly to allow propagation then the most usual cause of this problem is that the Child Process does not have the action executed on the parent available at the status that its process is currently at.