How to show Distribution Package Interface During Deployment

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x



    This document covers how to use Software Distribution with the package interface enabled. This can be useful when setting optional or recommended packages in Workspaces or the Portal, where the end user should have control over certain installation aspects (customization of the install).





    Distribution and Patch Settings

    To enable displaying the interface, a new Distribution and Patch setting will need to be used.


    • In the Ivanti EPM Console select Tools | Configuration | Agent Settings
    • Expand My Agent settings and select Distribution and Patch
    • Click the Create New Setting button (green plus sign)
    • Set the following:
      • General Settings: Set a name for the new setting
      • Notification: Set Progress Options | Show progress - Only when installing/removing
      • Distribution-only settings: Under Feedback check 'Display full package interface'
    • Save the settings.






    Software Distribution Package


    Because the package is supposed to be running with the interface shown, in this circumstance there should be no silent switches defined on the packages properties.

    • Open the Distribution Package properties
    • Click Install/Uninstall Options
    • Remove entries from within the 'Enter command line or select options above and edit command line for MSI package:'
    • Click Save

    exe switches.png


    Note: If using an MSI Package, Uncheck the 'Use Windows Installer to install and control installation (MSIexec)' option. This will remove the standardized MSI switches.




    Scheduled Task

    • Schedule the Distribution Package
    • Open the scheduled task properties
    • Select Agent Settings
    • Select the Distribution and patch row, and click on the settings column and select the previously created Distribution and Patch setting.
    • Save the task properties
    • Start the task


    scheduled task.png


    Client Side


    When SDClient calls the primary file, it should provide a notice that it is beginning the install of the Distribution Package, and the Package interface should be made visible for the end user to navigate through.

    SDClient will remain active while the installer GUI is still open, and a status will not return to the core until the Package GUI closes, and returns a code to SDClient to report to the core.


    client install.png