EMU: Psion XT15F with 0S7.1 /8.2/9.2 with SE4600 SE used in dual application  with TE7.3.186 (VT) ans Remote desktop Client disabled some default scanner option in the scanner applet from the control panel

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    Psion XT15F with 0S 7.1 /8.2/9.2 with SE4600 SE
    Used in dual application with TE7.3.186 (VT)


    • When I open TelnetCE, close the session, then open Remote desktop client, the default scanner beep is disabled



    Open Emulation Parameters and configure the folowing:


    • Emulation Parameters > Emulation > Sound
      • Use Integrated Scan Beep > YES
    • Emulation Parameters > Scanner > Common:
      • Enable Scanner on Exit > YES
      • Telnet As Scan Wedge > SCAN DATA ONLY