NPAPI Depreciation in Chrome

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0


    Avalanche AOD
    Avalanche 6.x Premise



    Newer generations of Browsers (Chrome 45, Microsoft Edge, and IE11) have begun removing the functionality that Wavelink utilizes to configure packages. With the depreciation of NPAPI we have been working on fixes to ensure a minimal impact upon our customers.


    UPDATE: Issue has been resolved in Avalanche 6.1 SP2. Please contact your sales rep to obtain the installation files for Premise. AOD customers can expect the update to come on February 27, 2016



    Current Workarounds:

    Upgrade to latest version of Avalanche 6.1 SP2.


    We have altered the way we call the configuration tool with browsers.